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Web Design and Development


Jared’s Direct out performs and is the best website design, custom software development, mobile software development, has the creative assets, skilled custom website developers including but not limited to Magento Specialists and WordPress Specialists all of which are fully certified, and highly certified marketing specialist which include Facebook specialists, Twitter Specialists and Social Media Expertsto destroy your competition. Everyone who works for Jared’s Direct consisting of the best developers from around the world, which reliably bring a unique and renewed approach to their work on every project they help accomplish. Our experts at Jared’s Direct will build you a dynamic custom website or mobile application that reflects “your mind’s eye” that is dedicated to help your company succeed on the Internet. Whether you want to restore your current layout, design, add new and improved functionality, launch an ecommerce WordPress or Custom e-commerce website, mobile application on any platform like Android, iPhone, Windows8, Symbian, Blackberry for either emerging, evolving or existing business needs Jared’s Direct is your only intelligent and most logical choice.  Jared’s Direct can provide exposure through proper Online and Offline marketing by Certified Google Professionals, the team which is outsourced to and by many developers, printers, graphic designers, and sales agencies from all over Florida, New York and the World can get all the “horses to water, but also make sure they drink.”

Our developers are solution-driven, and client-focused. We can work with any budget because we are wholesale developers for over 22 years under numerous names. Our specialist have the experience and skills of working with businesses in many industries. Through further discovery and investigation of your specific business needs we will build the best possible solution that will exceed your expectations and annihilate the competition.

Jared’s Direct has been a one-stop-shop since 1995 and we will meet and exceed all your expectations. Our goals are in tuned with increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). Jared’s Direct is at the forefront, constantly studying and producing new technology.  We just don’t wait for the new technology to come our way; we will produce it to make sure our clients always have the best tools to succeed.  We are always ahead of the trend and we ride the wave toward the idea “Your Success is Our Success” We can build, design and create the architecture to outperform any company out there.

Every website comes with the following added features:

  • The Option to be a part of the Dedicated and Professionally Managed Hosting Environment owned and operated by Jared’s Direct. Specifically created to run the most secure and cost reducing maintenance as well as many other services not provided by any other developers.  We provide mail accounts, but also bulk email marketing capability. If you have a marketing campaign with us all semi-dedicated and shared accounts are free of charge.  We even provide cloud services. Our Data Center and where all our servers are co-located is none other than IBM. We have Access to Network Access Points all over the world.
  • All websites will be On Page Search Engine Optimized and Supervised by a Google Certified Professional.
  • All websites even if a  separate mobile application is being built we will design using a responsive technique to make your website mobile-friendly
  • Complete Setup on our servers, and we completely monitor and secure the well-being of your website against hacking, phishing, malware, and viruses. When code and security updates come through which happen all the time.  We can discuss your options and make the proper changes at much lower cost if you were on any other hosting service.
  • We will back up your website and database once a month free of charge if you’re a marketing client
  • We are a one-stop-shop for all your internet needs while providing services 24 hours a day
  • For ecommerce websites we have a 12 year relationship with Wells Fargo Bank and First Data Solutions and will provide you the best rates for doing business online as humanly possible, we can negotiate above interchange plus transaction charges for both your merchant account and your gateway for MasterCard, Visa, Amex Blue, Discover and Diners Club

Remember you will never hear the words like we are superheroes or imaginary creatures that can knock your competition down.  Jared’s Direct is a professionally focused team of building the best web-based applications and marketing our clients to get to the top of the search engines for their keywords. We provide exemplary steered skills to outperform your expectations, and by crushing your competition.

Jared’s Direct is ready to build your mobile, web development or marketing project from the smallest job to the largest. We will save you money with our very competitive and affordable rates.   We did the flash work and design for a number of games for the Bom Chika Wah Wah campaign with Axe Cologne for MTV, was the sole developer and marketer for AVR Realty’s main website and one special property Hudson Landings for 5 years, and prior to the current one we built the New York Institute of Technology website to name a few. We have built over 2500 applications mainly for other developers outsourcing there work to Jared’s Direct Inc.  Our Global CEO/CTO and other marketing specialists are all Google Analytic Certified, Google AdWords Certified, Google Shopping Certified and at Jared’s Direct we analyze and take a very personable approach to our clients; hence, the name Jared’s Direct Inc.  Our Global CEO/CTO Jared Findel understands many business industries and have built many businesses for clients from Jewelry websites with over 160,000 products working with major manufactures all of the US and Abroad, to “as you see on TV” products to specialty apps to test the reactions of the people to specific stimulus while chatting in a debate system like Gauntletdown.com to a very unorganized business such as rockandwrapitup.org which we helped them free of charge for 4 years, and help make them what they are today we even worked on travel sites in cooperation with Sabre Technologies.  We supported Jimmy Lou Insurance Company a company with same setup as AIG on a smaller scale for insuring transactions and investments.  We worked as consultants for Continuum Management Systems for administration of a NOC which controlled both Beth Israel and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospitals, Consulted for Dresdner Kleinwort Bank NA as a Senior LAN Admin of the E-business trading Systems and Systems support for the floor of their exchange and one of many programmers of their proprietary SMS application headed by Pontis Consulting out of England, Consulted for Getronics Wang as as Product Consultant for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter E business Trading Apps (Risk Link, Basket Link etc.), We have done work for Queens borough Presidents Office to build a website that welcomes people when traveling to NYC to visit Queens, we built a book store system integrated with an ISBN database for Fordham University known as the Fordham Exchange, we did the design work for Solar Bookings in the Bronx, We have been around a long time we helped Donald Trump with his website in 2005 that showed off his golf course, and Designed a website for Bob Toski etc, etc.   We can bring to the table the very best knowledge and skills necessary to get you to the top of Google.


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Guaranteed Organic SEO Services, SEO Services Company in Florida, USA, Affordable & Professional SEO Services in Florida

High Quality SEO Services to Boost your Website Rankings!

SEO Services Florida

Jared’s Direct is a reputable SEO company which offers high quality SEO/Search Engine Optimization Services and complete solutions of Internet Marketing. Our highly professional team gives you Guaranteed Top 10 ranking on different search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Our specialized and proprietarymethodsin on-page optimization are planned with theAlgorithms of Google in mind and we follow only white hat techniques. Our Google Certified Specialists provide SEO services in Florida that are a 100% compatible with Google Penguin and Google Panda and we have assisted lots of websites to get better ranking and lead generation from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you are searching Search Engine Optimization, then you are at the right place. We can give you best possible solution that you are searching for your ecommerce or informative website.

Our SEO services, can be generally classified into 2 different categories:

“If talking about high ranking, our motto will be Top 5 ranking at least.”

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is part of a complete process, where we manage your website on different levels, to confirm that it sends the correct signals to different search engines. The process of On-page SEO is absolutely necessary to obtain the highest ranking possible. Here you can check some things we do in this process:

  • Comprehensive Website Audit
  • Identify Broken Links, Error Pages, Duplicate Content, etc
  • Identify Indexing Issues, Redirect Issues, Load Issues, etc
  • Initial Rank Report
  • Competitive Research (5 Competitors
  • Phone Consultation with Expert
  • Keyword Analysis and Identification
  • Semantic Intent and Trend Analysis
  • Webmaster Setup (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Decrease Errors and Warnings Based on Issues Summary
  • Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Page Title & Header Tags Optimization
  • Creation and Configuration of Romot.txt
  • Keyword Density Analysis and Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Submission
    •  Google
    •  Bing
    •  Yahoo
  • Canonicalization for Duplicate Pages
  • H1/H2 tag optimization
  • hCard Optimization (upon request)
  • Content strategy formulation and content optimization

“Our SEO services are planned to improve traffic for your website, support your company’s brand, generate business leads, and mainly, help you get your desired goals.”

Off-page SEO

Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it has more to do with advertising approaches and techniques for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search engine result pages, better known, as SERP’s

With the best SEO Services in US, our trainedGoogle Certified employees will assistyouin getting your website the right exposure:

What to expect from Jared’s Direct pertaining to Off Page SEO:

  • Local search engine submissions
  • Manual Submission to Major Search Engines
  • 67 Profile Based Directory Submissions
  • Authoritative Directory Submissions (Fees Not Included)
  • Article Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ad Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Production Available in US only (Additional Fees)
  • Submission and Postings will be managed
  • Link Building Campaign – Paid submissions might be suggested and would be up to the
  • clients discretion
  • Social Media – Minimally will provide management for the blow social sites
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. YouTube
    4. Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Ranking Report
  • Google Crawl Diagnostic Report
  • Competition Report
  • Social Media Report
  • Online Reputation Management Solution – Could cost more dependent on effort needed.

If you have any aspirations of actually getting to the top of the search engines for keywords stop failing and finally win with Jared’s Direct.

“We at Jared’s Direct are proud to stand by our word as a Trusted SEO Company in Florida that assures the best services at reasonable price.”


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Social Media Optimization

Get desired result from Social Media Optimization

SEO technique has been a method for getting a web site acknowledged to online users through organic search results. Actually, things like online marketing, email marketing and some other concepts have been normally utilized for the online website promotion in the web domain. One of the highly used and most recent newer techniques is social media optimization. SMO of SMM is comparable in effort to the entire other optimization methods that are utilized for online website promotion. However, like the entire other important techniques, SMO even has its independence and there are definite principles which have to be adhered to while accepting SMO for your website optimization on the World Wide Web.  It is now imperative and absolutely necessary to take part in a SMO campaign with already existing SEO techniques if you expect to climb the SERP’s for your Keyword or Keyword Phrases.

There are so many processes that have to be incorporated when a site has to be publicly optimized. Mainly, SEO package and SMO helps to improve the link-ability of any particular website. So, a major reason for doing SMO for any online web site is really a very necessary situation and can no longer be simply ignored. Transformations in the website design also assist to get more unique visitors and simultaneously help the business to get more income. In addition, the website material and content used in the website must be highly useful and attention grabbing.

SMO is used to mainly draw unique and regular traffic to a particular website. Drawing a sufficient amount of traffic is actually, one of the most effective methods to get the website well-known among different platforms of social media and search engines such as Yahoo, and Google etc. One of the most important parts of Social Media is to write good content and then get that content distributed on the different platforms of social media; linking potential clients toward their initial search query, and or their attempt to find a specific service, or product. So postings must be done by a professional because if done improperly it can cause a loss in very valuable and needed traffic.  You can’t run a proper SEO campaign without a comprehensive SMO campaign. Especially since Google has made it clear that if you’re seeking propagation of your website toward the first page of Google for your keywords SMO is imperative and necessary.

That which sets Jared’s Direct apart; other than the fact that all our marketing specialists are fully Google certified, but that we are experts in trend analysis. Trend analysis is a method of equating business data over differences in time, keyword use and consistency over many social media assets to identify trends. We develop many strategies to respond to numerous trends all happening at once finding the ones that will help your company either to obtain new clients through what we call; “Riding the Wave” or make suggestions to potential clients to steer and focus their business objectives toward new trends that we feel might enhance a client’s business objectives.

Jared’s Direct uses trend analysis to help improve your business by:

  • Recognizing areas where your business is performing well so you can duplicate.
  • Recognizing areas where your business is NOT performing well so you can figure out where not to spend money where it’s not producing a verifiable return.
  • Providing evidence to allow your company to make informed decisions where to spend money toward those trends and goals.
  • If you’re as good as Jared’s Direct it can actually let you potentially see things before they happen.

We are experts in social media online applications such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Renren, Google+, Disqus, LinkedIn, Pulse, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twoo. MyMFBYouTube, Instagram, Vine, WhatsApp, vk.com, Meetup, Secret, Medium .


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